Lockbox Access


During the leasing process and move-in into your new home, we provide an optional convenience where you can gain access to your new residence without the need to collect keys from our office. As part of the Resident Benefits Package, you will receive a lockbox, which allows you to access your new home at no extra cost.


We offer an optional program for outgoing residents to facilitate the move-out process. If you choose this program, you can surrender your home by leaving all keys and remotes on the kitchen counters. To notify us that you have vacated the property, please send an email to our office. There is a charge of $25.00 for using this service.

Move Out with Lockbox Access

As part of the move-out process, outgoing residents are required to place all keys and remotes, initially provided at the beginning of the lease, on the kitchen counters. 

Additionally, you need to take a picture of the items left behind and email it to Keys at 24propertymanagement.com, including the property address in the subject line. 

By sending a picture of the keys and remotes left in the home to Keys at 24propertymanagement.com, you confirm that you have surrendered the home and vacated the property.

Security Deposit Fast Return

As per the lease agreement and Florida laws, the property manager has 30 days from the lease end to account for the security deposit in writing. To expedite this process, we offer an optional 10 Day Fast Return for $75.00, which will be completed within 10 calendar days from the date of surrender.
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